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Fear Not!

"How can we see good news of great joy this Advent and Christmas season that will carry us into the new year?" Pastor Jenny invites us to look for the positives to set next to our fears as she reflects on the Word of the Week: Fear Not! 

This week on The Good We Can Podcast, we are encouraged to see our lives as "the warm-up act to the glorious future that God is still persistently bringing together." 

Pastor Jenny shares a few of the many ways we can make this Advent season meaningful as we join with others through worship, spiritual growth, and service.

It's a call to action for believers today from Paul's letter to the Romans. The Good We Can Podcast for November 25, 2022.

Our hands not only help us perform countless tasks each day, they can also guide our prayers for others and ourselves. Pastor Jenny explains the "hand method" for prayer.

Reflecting on God's promises gives us the courage to face our fears. We are not alone!

Pastor Jenny reflects on how God weaves blessings in and through our lives. She encourages us to recognize and give thanks for these blessings.

Though Jesus reminds his disciples that there will be times when we feel like the whole world stands against us, the truth is we never stand alone.

Pastor Jenny reflects on the gift of time and how through intentional choices we can celebrate time, no matter what season of life we are in. 

How is it possible to praise God when we don't feel like it? When we're having a bad day? When nothing is going right? When people annoy us? The writer of Psalm 145 has discovered the answer.

This year, October 31st marks the 505th anniversary of a momentous event in church history.

What would it be like to welcome Jesus himself as a guest in our home?

Something as simple as children's game can remind us that God has chosen us and loves us.

Through parable and paradox, Jesus teaches us neither to judge others nor to think too highly of ourselves.

"You are the light of the world," Jesus says. What are some of the ways we can share this light with others? How can we be the moonlight they may need this day? Pastor Jenny offers several ideas in this week's podcast.

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